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My Pond

Posted in Images - Perth with tags , on October 21, 2009 by Lloyd

Since there’s no waterfalls or anything snazzy like that over my way to photograph, I thought I’d put up a picture of my pond to provide a bit of running water. No fish, no frogs, just water and a pump. I don’t really know why we have one, a bit of an impulse really, one holidays I just decided to dig a hole and get one. I hadn’t really planned the logistics of it very well, and to complicate things there was an old sewerage well underneath were i was digging. when i removed a shovelful of sand and the well cracked I thought the earth was opening up!

Took this shot tonight with my little handheld camera on a gorilla tripod. I experimented with a few lighting techniques like a handheld LED torch and the popping the old shed light on.

Pond - Long Exposure - 2009