About Me


My name is Lloyd Snook and I am 17 years old. I am very interested in Photography and have been taking photos for about 5 years. My aim in setting up this blog was to circulate some of my photos and get some constructive criticism on them.

The style of photography that I am most interested in is Landscape Photography, and to be more specific, Seascapes.

Thankyou for stopping by and checking out my blog, I hope you like what you see. Please leave a comment to tell me what you think.



15 Responses to “About Me”

  1. hey Lloyd. your photos are so awesome! i think the website you’ve set up is great. πŸ™‚
    c u at school.

  2. Yay, I finally check it out- just before you leave for Nepal. I can only imagine what sort of shots you will get there!!! Egad, these are great Lloyd..It all looks most excellent also..

  3. Tammy Watts Says:

    Hi Lloyd

    Your website is fantastic, and your photos are magical to say the least. You have done very well to take some of these without a dslr i cant wait to see what else you put up in here, great stuff!

  4. Fantastic photos! You have a keen eye. look forward to seeing more. πŸ™‚

  5. You know, out of all your fantastic photos this one is by far the very best. It’s just pure genius. I am in awe!

  6. Hi Lloyd,

    I have recently created a geomodel of the Crawley Edge boatshed, and I am looking for photos to use in my blog when I talk about this model. Would it be possible to use your stunning photo crawley-edge-boatshed-blue on my blog? I would of course reference you.



  7. well done lloyd! loving the landscapes! i love that you keep this updated. keep up the good work.

  8. Still using the same photo πŸ˜€
    Love that you’re keeping this up it’s fantastic!
    I’ve showed a few people over here so maybe you got some hits from holland I dunno…
    hope this gets even bigger πŸ™‚

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