Sugarloaf Rock

This seems to be one of the most common areas to shoot in the South West, so hopefully this image has something about it that sets it apart from others. This was taken from a fairly rough and hard to get to spot, and the actual image could have been taken by either myself or Tom, as we were sharing the camera. It is an 8 image stitch.

This is an updated version to smooth out some exposure inconsistencies. The original is here.


7 Responses to “Sugarloaf Rock”

  1. like the composition, wonder if CF has seen this!

  2. Nice image and an original I would say but be careful with your exposure looks like there is some parts of the stitch I can see did you shoot it in manual mate but still a very nice image mate I like it alot :).

    • Cheers Brett! Yeah I shot it in manual but I see what you mean, there are areas darker than usual. I’ll see if I can fix that with a Dodge & Burn layer. Is it just in the top-right sky that you notice it?

      • Yeah mainly in the right hand side mate but I think it is the stitching I can see mostly.
        What I do sometimes which is a trick I have learnt over the last 6 months or so is actually create a new layer fill it with white then mask the layer invert it so you can’t see the white fill layer blend mode to soft light then brush the layer in very softy what it does is acually lighten the image because of the soft light blend mode but you have to be careful it must be done very slow I normaly use opcity around 5% with a really soft brush and feather the mask also in mask options :).
        Hope this helps you a little mate.

  3. Nice. Great spot! I have only been there once got to get back with the D3s and shoot the hell out of it soon!

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