Black & White at the Basin

This is a 5 image stitch, taken one evening at the Basin. Thanks to Matt for some feedback, here is an edited version.

The original version is here.


6 Responses to “Black & White at the Basin”

  1. I am liking the composure, cloud works well, but I’d go for some zazz, play around with the contrast and see what you can pull, darken the edges, tint it, make it look old? Years ago my library had a book on B+W Developing, I keep meaning to track it down and get it. It’s all on dark room technique but I think it can be applied to PS. If I can find it on the net I’ll let you in on where you can get one.

    • Cheers Matt, I agree it is quite flat. I’ll try playing with the contrast and adding a vignette, see how it looks and post the edit. I’d be interested to learn more about that book, I think I’m missing a level of sophistication to my B&W conversions, I just used Nikon Silver Efex Pro and left it at that. It works fairly well but I can’t quite apply it to get the results I’m looking for.

  2. stevensaul Says:

    Cool shot mate. A different scene for sure than what it looked like on the weekend. I like the clouds and suits the B+W. Looks like a bit of noise though but other than that great shot!

  3. Start smiling, you’ve done this a treat. This version’s got that punch, well done:)

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