Lake Monger at Sunset

This is a 14 image stitch that I took last week at Lake Monger.


5 Responses to “Lake Monger at Sunset”

  1. Hey Lloyd Nice mate, I like how the willow draws you into the water and the refelction has a softness about it Cheers Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian, in hindsight I would have liked the tree branches a little sharper to accentuate the reflection on the water that you mentioned, but I guess it’ll have to do!

  2. Blast Waytie beat me to first comment!

    Lloyd I think one of your best so far mate. Love it. You got me inspired, there is a lake like 200m from my house, I am just going to have to shoot it!

    Well done!

  3. bloody beaut mate! love the tree.

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