Kathmandu Valley

Argh, first post in a long time.

Anyway, this image is one I took in Nepal whilst waiting for a bus (a van really) to take us back to our hotel after a day of painting at our project school. The bust was 40 minutes late, which is about usual, and I took this on a short walk around the area.

The afternoon was turning to evening and a few kids came out of their houses to play in the fields with each other. In the background you can see the houses, which look rather impressive for a third world country, but are made of the flimsiest materials. In the very backgrounds you can see the start of the imposing, forest-covered hills that make up most of Nepal.


13 Responses to “Kathmandu Valley”

  1. Great shot, make me wonder? Such great looking homes, how many families are living each, given the size and the materials they’re built off. Love the image, not something I’d expect to see in somewhere like Nepal, I think this is what makes great photography, what we don’t expect, something that opens the mind and introduces a sense of wonder.

    • Cheers Matt, I really appreciate it.

      It surprised me too, I was just expecting slums everywhere. I guess it’s to do with the classes, this area was one of the richer places that we went to. Quite a distance away from the hustle and bustle of poverty stricken Kathmandu, perhaps their land/living values are vastly different. I quite honestly don’t know though, I guess that adds a sense of intrigue to the scene.

  2. Hi Lloyd, I think this is a great image. Totaly agree with Mathew.

    Well done!

  3. Hey Lloyd where you gone mate??

    • Hey David.

      Yeah, school’s been a bit full on as of late, so i haven’t really had a chance to edit/take any photos.

      It’s coming up to holidays though and I have a few shoots in mind (including a week at rottnest), so should have some stuff up very shortly.

      Thanks for stopping by though Dave, I’m really liking some of your latest shots as well by the way.

      All the best,

  4. Hi Lloyd, glad to see your still around! Yes school is rather intense!

    I am planing a trip to Karijini in August so really looking forward to that! Going up on my motorbike, the mighty BMW R1200GS, the Long Way Down bike!

    Any way looking forward to more posts, enjoy Rotto.


  5. Great Image Lloyd I think it would actually win an award in a people category somewhere and I look forward to looking at some of your new work to mate :).

    • Cheers Brett, I don’t know about an award but I am happy with how it represents my perception of Nepalese culture and people. 🙂

      Some of your latest photos look phenomonal as well, being away from this little photography ‘community’ for a while, I’ve missed loads of great posts!

      • Cheers for the comment on my images Lloyd I have been working hard on it for a long time and not working at the moment really helps the skill set when you sit in front of the computer studying nearly all day then out taking images but as they say practice and training makes for perfection.
        People pictures like this one of yours Lloyd that tell a story are the ones that win competitions just because of the simplicity in them and the story that they tell.
        Hope your study eases off so we can see some more images mate.
        Cheers Brett
        P.S. if you would like to catch up some time for a shoot somewhere let me know always good to meet new people and see how they do things as well as learning new things even the grass hopper learns off the snail :).

  6. Woah, Lloyd this shot is really amazing. Nice lighting, nice clarity, nice composition. Again, really amazing.

    • Thanks Fletch 🙂

      Are you doing still life or outdoor fashion for next semesters photography assignment? All the cool kids are doing still life I believe.

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