Castle Bay Rockpools

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to put up many photos of late, it’s a combination of lack of material and school. I had a bit of time to spare today and came up with this photo, a result of two exposures blended into the one image. There’s a few detail blemishes at 100% so it’s probably not a photo to go hanging on a wall, but it’s better than no photo at all. I took this at yet another 4.30am morning down south.


10 Responses to “Castle Bay Rockpools”

  1. I’m sorry, you had spare time? What’s that? Would you care to share? Great clouds in the photo, the early mornning was worth it. I also like the pattern in the sand in the foreground.

  2. The foreground looks really good and the darkness of the sky draws the eye to it. Great image, I must learn how to blend images. It may not print large but it’s worth a reshoot!

  3. Hey Lloyd real nice mate, I like the lines in the sand in the foreground.



  4. Simon Harris Says:

    Hi LLoyd,
    Great image! Have been to that area but have never seen it look so good.

    Did you use any filtering on this? I mean “on camera ” filters.

    I use a stop grad but its not doing the job and wondered whether you were using a 2 stop or nothing at all?

    Kind regards, Simon.

    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I didn’t use any on camera filters for this image, in fact i don’t actually own any filters! I had to manually merge two different images for this (one exposure for the sky, one for the foreground) so a stop grad would probably have helped me out here.

      What troubles are you having with the stop grad?


  5. Stop grad I am using is a bit strong really…. Its a 3 stop. On top of that, its a hard grad so probably not ideal.

    Think I will get a 2 stop soft grad as it seems to be a much better idea. If my p’shop skills were better I wouldnt need one by the looks of what you have done!

    • Haha yeah, this photo is pretty heavily photoshopped.

      I guess it all depends on what type of photography you’re aiming for, a 3 stop hard grad would be ideal for say beach sunrises and sunsets when you want to get some movement in the water but not overexpose the sky. The 2 stop soft grad should hopefully come in handy in a variety of situations, and there’s nothing wrong with having a few to chose in your kit bag!

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