Monochrome Quindalup Jetty

Another from my morning shoot down at Quindalup Beach.


4 Responses to “Monochrome Quindalup Jetty”

  1. Nice composition, it’s a winner, but I think it might look better if the jetty was lighter so we could see the detail and the background was darker to draw the eye down to the jetty. Mind you, the more I look at it the more abstract it becomes, still, more than 1 version of an image has worked well for CF hasn’t it! Cater to the tastes of all!

    • Thanks for the detailed comment Matt!

      Was in two minds about this image really, I’d already done 2 colour images of Quindalup so thought maybe a black and white might give a diferent take.

      The truth is, the original image was so dark that I’ve brightened the foreground jetty to the absolute max, any more and it loses all detail. I was thinking of brighting the background jetty but the pillars are too intricate for that to happen.

      I might post the colour version later on!

  2. Make a note and re-shoot, re-shoot, next time you’re there! Memory cards are meant to be filled, I did an 8GB card in one day in Melbourne… and went on to do some damage to a 1GB card I have in reserve. It’s not like I’m paying for film and developing it, go digital:):):) For every few duds I got a workable image. have you thought about a grainy 1920’s/1930’s look to make the most of what you’ve got? Add a sepia tone to allow for aging… Pass it off as a period piece? It’s been done before.

    • haha, I think that’s a lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way. I’ve got quite a few photos that have got a bit blurry but I didn’t notice on the little screen. I’ll have to exploit the digital advantage.

      Might look a bit dodgy if I starting claiming antique photos of relatively recently made subjects 😛

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