Abstract Beach Colours


8 Responses to “Abstract Beach Colours”

  1. This is an absolutely awesome shot.
    I love the simplicity of it all.
    Nice job man 🙂

  2. nice =D what settings did you use?

    • Thanks guys.

      I used pretty standard settings to get the original shot and then I motion blurred it (0 degrees) about 10 times to get the abstract effect.

  3. Will steal that one too 🙂

  4. That would make a really good canvas, nice one.

  5. Nice lloyd re the abstract, I love this style of art/ photography. I took a shot at sunset but tried doing it all in camera, check out my effort of an abstract sunset, its a few posts down the page you cant miss it Cheers Adrian

  6. Ive done a few shots like this but doing the blurring with the camera. This one is great!

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