Quindalup Boat Ramp

Back closer to home now…

This photo was taken early in the monring at the Quindalup boat ramp.


15 Responses to “Quindalup Boat Ramp”

  1. Nice one Lloyd, love the colours’ & composition in this one. On the money!

  2. Nice use of oranges and reds. It’s shaped cool 🙂
    Bad use of watermarks… they wreck photos.

  3. herro!! how are you going? awesome photo, i’m jealous…do you reckon i could borrow the camera a few times or we could do a trip somewhere when i get back? (24th!) =D

    • Hey tom, i’m fine, how’s newzealand? ready to shove nepal in the rear end of the grey matter and go back to the books and boredom of school?

      No worries about the camera, we’ll sort something out when you get back. Do you have a camera over there with you now?

      • new zealand is really cool ,but im over travelling abit, i want to be back in 42 degree perth! i’m pretty pumped for school, i miss nepal tonnes though. it was soo much fun.
        i was just looking at pics of the great viennetta, good times eh?

        you still in dunsborough?
        my camera is actually broken! it broke a week ago, the lens wnet out and refused to go back in, and when i turn it on and off it says ‘lens error, restart camera’. time for a camera shop…how’s the d90?

      • haha, you don’t want to be over here, it’s like a heatwave. it’s sticky and horrible, give me -20 at ABC anyday! i’m in nervous anticipation of year 11, i got my books today, costs a fortune…

        i got back from dunsborough on wednesday.The d90’s been treating me well, there’s a bit of dust on the image sensor that I can’t get off but i’m not trying my previous method… 😛

        Sucks about your camera, will you get it fixed anytime? Have you got some good shots to work on this year?

      • it’s so gross. new zealand looks really really cool right now.

      • nah, it’s been raining so much here that i wouldn’t mind a bit of good ol’ fashioned 45 degrees, kalgoorlie style. my books cost shit loads, like 800 or something?

        ah ok sweet, looks like you have some good pics. i have shit all to work with atm, which is why we need to do a few trips in the last week. what do you reckon? i’m thinking maybe down in mandurah and some other places? i’ll text you or call you when i’m back

        nah, apparently it’ll cost 300 for a new lens :S might as well start saving and get a proper dslr.
        what else has been happening in you holidays?

      • Yep. my books cost a packet as well.

        I’m up for some trips, I was thinking maybe Freo Harbour at sunset. Mandurah sounds good as well. WE have to do Stirling Ranges sometime as well! What day are you getting back on?

  4. Mark Temov Says:

    mmm dust on the image sensor??? Previous method of getting it off. You’re worrying me Lloyd.

    By the way you have done some great work. Well done. You must have a great Photography teacher.

    • Thanks Mr Temov,

      You don’t really need to know what happened, basically it was on Rottnest and I had a not so good idea of how to get the dust off the image sensor. A very naive, forceful method, i’ve said too much. The camera survived the episode however.

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