HDR attempt at Bennion Beach

Exams are over so I’m back to photography again. This is my first shot at using Photomatix software, which is used to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images (for more information go to this link ).

Less than 6 days until my four week adventure in Nepal. I’m taking a Panasonic Lumix that I have borrowed, (the one the guy skims off the water in that ad). If anyone has any tips on how to photograph mountains, please let me know.


6 Responses to “HDR attempt at Bennion Beach”

  1. The sky in this photo is amazing. The water looks gaseous and surreal I love it.
    It’s your colour. It’s really good.

  2. Hey Lloyd,

    Not too bad definitely better then something i could do šŸ™‚ However I do reckon the sky looks too purple, and fake. Also the orange on the skyline does look a little odd. Other then that, i love the photo, the water looks AWESOME!

  3. Go to your local library, find some books with photos’ of mountains and see what works for you! Google some images of mountains, prepare, there must be a ton of nepalese images posted.

    Nice image by the way, oh, anything to post from the Stirling’s? How did you go?

    • Cheers Matt, forgot about the library, I’ve already had a bit of a look around on google as well.

      I wrote this on the last comment you posted, you might not have seen it!

      “Unfortunately, and despite talking it up extensively on here, my trip to the Stirling Ranges was cancelled at at the very last minute. The issue arose when the person who was meant to drive my friend and I down their got sick, and would have been unable to drive for extended periods. Since I still had my borrowed camera, I spent my whole weekend out photographing some beaches in the city and some spots along the river.

      I hope to make it down to the Stirling Ranges when I get back from Nepal though, it sounds like a ripper of a place!”

      • Bummer, ah well, might be best to wait until winter. Imagine getting up there to find snow! Enjoy Nepal, will look forward to hearing of Nepalese tales of mountains baged and filmed.

  4. Mate this is one sweetass shot

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