Royal Perth Yacht Club

Royal Perth Yacht Club - Twilight - 2009

Another shot from Saturdays night’s little adventure down to the city, shot well after the sun had gone down from the beach at Matilda Bay. I was wary to try and convey as much of the mood captured in the initial photograph as possible so this image has been hardly edited at all.


3 Responses to “Royal Perth Yacht Club”

  1. Interesting, good exposure, these images can be pretty much hit and miss but this looks good (very good). It could be backed of a little , but congratulations on creating something different. How were the Sediment (Stirling) Ranges?

    • Thanks Matt, I appreciate your comments.

      Unfortunately, and despite talking it up extensively on here, my trip to the Stirling Ranges was cancelled at at the very last minute. The issue arose when the person who was meant to drive my friend and I down their got sick, and would have been unable to drive for extended periods. Since I still had my borrowed camera, I spent my whole weekend out photographing some beaches in the city and some spots along the river.

      I hope to make it down to the Stirling Ranges when I get back from Nepal though, it sounds like a ripper of a place!

  2. these photos are amazing.
    tom was showing me this today.
    everyone loved it.
    teach me to take photos like you lloyd

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