Monochrome Basin

I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of finding blogworthy photos so here’s another one from the Basin.

The Basin - Monochrome - 2009 II
Thanks Luke, the above version has a few more regions highlighted than the previous. The original version is here.


5 Responses to “Monochrome Basin”

  1. you rebel!
    managed to get it on did we?

    • actually.
      that last part was a stupid comment.
      of course you did. otherwise why would it be on here.
      so yeah. ignore the second line.
      replace it with…

      nice job! you sneaked past your parents and managed to download a REALLY COOL PHOTO onto your site!
      high five, houdini!

  2. I like it, particularly the sky.
    I think the sand and the lighter limestone could do with a bit of a boost just to make them a little brighter.

  3. Nice monochrome, great foreground (could still do with a boost) and a sky that oozes character.

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