Things in my vegie patch

Parsley, Capsicum and unknown.

Unknown no longer! It’s an onion flower. Thanks Geoff.

Vegie Patch - Compilation - 2009

I essentially have no landscape images left, so unless I can dig up some old stuff, it’s going to be this type stuff for the next two weeks. I’m planning a trip to Lake Monger and to the Stirling Ranges (borrowing a dSLR from my photography teacher) around then. After that I have a month in Nepal, so by Christmas time I should have a good supply of photos to last me throughout next year. So for now, enjoy short depth of field!!


3 Responses to “Things in my vegie patch”

  1. May we please swap houses. Your backyard is so nice. Mine is SO BAD.

  2. The third one LLoyd is an onion flower.

    You know, you could probably sell your work to support yourself through uni.

    keep it real bro

    • thanks geoff, i’ll put that in the original now.

      i have thought about selling some pictures, but i just have no idea how to get started…

      have a great next few weeks and i’ll see you at christmas 🙂

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