Yugoslav Folksongs

Here’s something a bit different. I was sorting out my choir music from last term when I saw this piece of sheet music, which we performed for the end of year concert at my school recently. The piece is entitled ‘Yugoslav Folksongs’ and has 6 movements. My friend Fletcher even has a couple of solos here and there as well. It’s a very good piece of music, both aurally and visually. So here it is, my first foray into the photographical world of compilations!

Yugoslav Folksongs - Compilation - 2009


7 Responses to “Yugoslav Folksongs”

  1. Your friend Fletcher Says:

    must we advertise this?

  2. Solo eh…

  3. Hey Lloyd, Checked out your blog via Dan Proud’s blog.
    You have some very nice images here. Particularly the compilation of the music manuscripts. Where do you teach music ?
    I will add you as a link to my blog, check out wayte27.wordpress.com when you have a moment !
    regards Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian, I don’t actually teach music (I’m still at school 😛 ), this was a song we performed for a concert. Thanks for adding my link, I’ll get yours on my blogroll as well.

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