Herdsman Lake

Weeping Willows - Herdsman Lake - 2009

I haven’t posted any photos for a while and it’s all kind of old stuff. I was a little depressed with my Blog counter statometer gadget thing staying at 141 hits, but it’s jumped up to 195! Oh the elation.

So as I approached the double century, I decided to freshen things up and take some new shots. Yesterday morning I woke up at 5 o clock and rode my bike down to Herdsman Lake. Being holidays and such, my usual sleeping hours were something like 12am – 10am, so waking up at 5 was something a bit different.

It wasn’t really very cold and I wasn’t expecting much, just perhaps a nice sunrise and some calm lakes. Without wanting to sound to cliched, it was absolutely stunning. The roads had no cars and as I rode up into the park where the lake was, the whole ground was covered in a thin veil of fog. Very mystical…

There were no people about, but there were two dogs which were behind a fence of a nearby property that kept barking at me whenever I was visible, so I wasn’t allowed around that side of the lake. But I rode around for an hour or so and took a few snaps on my handy Canon Powershot 530 and my little Kathmandu compact travel tripod. Only the best for me.

The colours also were nothing like what I’ve seen before. You wouldn’t believe it, but I had to dull the colours in an attempt to make this picture look more realistic. The original looked like a 4 year old’s first attempt at Photoshop after just discovering the Hue/Saturation button.


3 Responses to “Herdsman Lake”

    you. are. crazy.

    • Hi there! I found your blog from Pure Style Home…
      I love this photo – it’s gorgeous!
      Have you considered selling some of your work?

      • Thanks Rachel!

        I have thought about it, but I’m finding that it would be a bit too hard to organise whilst i’m still at school and all that. I might get around to it if I have some free time in the Holidays.

        Once again, thanks for checking out my site 🙂

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